Project Description

Length: 98 mins
Director: 文伟鸿
Cast: 张家辉、古天乐、吴镇宇、姜佩瑶、马德钟、蔡洁
A frightening car crash in downtown Hong Kong sparks a war between the local police and the international criminal organizations.
Superintendent Yip and Inspector Ching from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Counter Terrorism) has arrested a female hacker named Yiu involved in the accident. But the two police officers are suspected by Superintendent Cheng of the Security Wing. Cheng requests the Commissioner of Police to forbid the two to take part in the investigation. Meanwhile, vital clues has led them to the far foreign soil of Myanmar and Spain. Cheng and Ching work together but not hard enough to handle their conflicting ideas. While Yip just can’t trust neither one of them, he himself is being watched by the Commissioner who doubts if Yip is covering up evidences of crimes. The Commissioner believes that a deep probe into a mysterious gang is needed. While the investigation has gone astray by Yiu’s statements, heads of the department are completely clueless about who is good or evil…