Project Description

Length: 57 mins
Director: 高志森
The film shows the unique local customs and beautiful scenery of Ningxia, where known as “The Abundant Place outside the Great Wall” of China. The whole film has an important feature, that is, it is based on people. In every place shown in the film, there is a friend who is familiar with the place will lead the audience to understand the local culture and customs. Therefore, this is not a simple scenery documentary, but a spiritual portrayal of the land and people of Ningxia to the world.                                                                                                      影片展现了中国的“塞上江南”——宁夏独特的风土人情和优美景致。全片有一个重要特色,便是以人为出发点,每到一个地方,便有熟悉当地的一位朋友带领观众去了解当地的文化和风俗,所以,这并不是一部单纯的风光纪录片,而是一部向世界讲述宁夏这块土地与人民的精神写照。