Project Description

Length: 109mins

Director: 許安、楊龍澄

Cast: 李連杰、古天樂、向佐、梁家輝、祖峰、安志傑、范冰冰、黃曉明、陳小春、文章、楊穎、許晴

Three thousand years ago at the end of the Shang Dynasty, the fatuous King Zhou who was bewitched by Su Daji, and Shen Gongbao planned to create dark forces of the black dragon to ruin the world. The people were destitute. In order to stop them from ruining the world, Jiang Ziya commanded Lei Zhenzi, Nezha and Yang Jian to find the light sword to kill the monsters and also assist King Wu in attacking Zhao Ge with the Xi Qi’s army. Unexpectedly, Su Daji enchanted Jiang Ziya and made him rejuvenate. The war and black dragon were approaching while the world was deep in crisis.