Project Description

Keeping History Alive

Length: 13mins15sec
Director: Aloyscious Phua Jia Hao

The documentary is segmented into four parts – In the beginning, sacrifice, inheritance and promise, presenting to the audience not just the history of the place, but also Liu’s contribution and obstacles in building the museum. Watch how Liu struggles to overcome difficulties to make one of the most tragic histories known to others.

The King of Ice

Length: 10mins30sec
Director: Domas Merkliopas

In 2005, the Chinese expedition team discovered the loftiest point in the South Pole of Antarctica – the Dome A. Since 2011, Professor Zhang Nan has led several expedition teams from Jilin University to begin the work of deep ice-core drilling in the Dome A. In the future, the project will play a vital role in predicting the changing trends in global climate.

The Deer Raiser

Length: 9mins52sec
Director: Raynor Bloom

The documentary is taking a look at how the farm operates on a day-to-day basis, this film explores the hard work and satisfaction that comes with raising deer. However, with times changing and many young people wanting to work in the cities, is deer farming still a viable industry?


Length: 11mins01sec
Director: Charlotte Haley

The documentary《ANIMUS ARTIFICIS》shows the real craftsmen’s sprit and Chinese sprit by telling the moving story of Li wanjun who is the first generation of Chinese high speed rail workers and the great master of welding.

A Grain, A Dream

Length: 10mins15sec
Director: Chong Kai Yan

A dream to cultivate pesticide-free organic rice in China started five years of experimentation, failures and successes for 73-year-old rice farmer Yi Shao Fu. A Grain, A Dream is a documentary short film that explores his journey, offering a respectable bow to a man’s unyielding pursuit of mastery and innovation for better food, from farm to table.

Rush Cycle

Length: 9mins49sec
Director: Poh Kailing Olivia

The film documents the effects of its carbon footprint and follows the work of a group of researchers in their quest to find a sustainable solution for this problem. This is a reflective piece where we explore the reverberations of a rapid industrial revolution in China through the lens of the people.

One sound, one man

Length: 8mins
Director: Gaia Saarinen

Changchun film studio has produced many famous films in the country from its construction to now, because it is the cradle of film in New China. Through his story this document will lead audience into the world full of sound and music about Chinese films and culture.


Length: 10mins02sec
Director: Jemma O’Brien

In 2006, an ancient distillery site from Liao and Jin Dynasties was found in Da’an. With the support of Feng Enxue, an archaeologist, Kong Linghai has been protecting and spreading ancient brewing ways of the Liao Dynasty and he also hopes that these cultural relics and the ancient ways will be inherited for generations to come.

Face from the Ground

Length: 7mins12sec
Director: Karoskoski Ida Maria

What could be more influential memory of human than a face? Archeology Lin Xuechuans work takes place between organic and mechanical worlds. With new technology Lin is reaching for somewhere that has been out of our hands before. By following his work we can see that what we have left behind might still some day face us.

The way of the shaman drum

Length: 12mins08sec
Director: Joao meirinhos

“The way of the shaman drum” follows his life during the production of one of his special drums until it’s able to be played and travel around the world through the lens of a foreigner director passionate about shamanism and its contemporary repercussions in the global village.