Project Description

Length: 24mins
Director: 李哲
Cast: 郑好

《5000 年很长吗·双连壶》以大河村仰韶遗址出土文物“彩陶双连壶”为背景讲述了华夏民族人文初祖黄帝与炎帝结盟统一华夏的故事。  5000多年前,黄河流域的人类已经走进了新石器时代中晚期,部落之间冲突不断。阪泉之战过后,轩辕部落大败神农氏部落,神农氏部落从此败退阪泉谷,轩辕之子少晧在战场上俘获了神农氏之子姜火。轩辕派少晧护送姜火到达阪泉谷向神农氏表达结盟的诚意。至此,两位本是死敌的少年踏上了前往阪泉谷的旅途。这一路上,两个少年因双连壶慢慢消除了隔阂,最终携手到达阪泉谷,完成了他们的使命。当轩辕氏与神农氏共举双连壶,炎黄合体,统一中原,开创了华夏民族。
“Is 5000 Years Long? Pottery Twin Ewer”, with the “Painted Pottery Twin Ewer” excavated at Dahecun Site of the Yangshao Culture as the background, tells the story of the first ancestors of the Chinese nation’s humanities Huang Di and Yan Di allied to unify the nation. More than 5,000 years ago when human beings along the Yellow River Basin entered the middle and late Neolithic Age, there were constant conflicts between tribes. After the Battle of Banquan, the Xuanyuan tribe defeated the Shennong tribe, which from then on retreated to Banquan Valley. Xuanyuan’s son Shaoyu captured Shennong’s son Jiang Huo on the battlefield. Shaohao on the oder of his father escorted Jiang Huo to Banquan Valley to show their sincerity of alliance to Shennong. So far, the two teenagers who were mortal enemies had embarked on the journey to Banquan Valley. Along the way, the estrangement between the two teenagers was gradually eliminated thanks to the twin ewer, and in the end they reached the destination hand in hand to fulfill their mission. When the Xuanyuan and the Shennong jointly held the earthenware with the two ewers conjoined at the side of their bodies, the tribes of Yan and Huang merged, which marked the unification of the Central Plains as well as the beginning of the Chinese nation.