Project Description

Length 20M*7
Director 张悦
“””In Wuhan”” is an anti COVID-19 documentary jointly produced by BiliBili and Figure under the guidance of SARFT. By telling the life and stories of all kinds of people in Wuhan during the particular period, it shows the story of love and pain, gain and loss, frustration and expectation from the common people to the staff , from the patients to the medical workers in this epidemic, which brings warmth and positive life stories to the audience.
《在武汉》国家广播电视总局网络司指导, bilibili、FIGURE联合出品的抗击疫情纪录片。讲述非常时期武汉各类人群生活,展现从百姓到各岗位人员,从病患到医护工作者在疫情中的爱与痛、怅惘与期望,带给观众温暖向上的人生故事。”