Project Description

Length: 5mins
Director: 姬京璐
Cast: 田原

The beautiful diva (played by Tian Yuan) plays and sings John Lennon’s Imagine in front of a nice warm courtyard. And as time goes by we find out that all this beautiful picture is just her beautiful imagination in the midst of the war. There is only one shot in the whole film and no dialogue. The director wants to present the sensory feeling about beauty through something very simple and beautiful. In the opening scene, the audience is completely immersed in the experience of singing the music, and then destroyed by blood and war, promoting sensory and emotional sorrow and regret, and causing anti-war thinking. In this way, the audience is asked about the place of “art” itself in the war: it is so extravagant, but at the same time so worthless. The stubborn singer’s heroic, death-defying commitment to so-called “art” and resistance to war is somewhat tragic, but also a hope for the times. Since the war began this spring, the most painful thing for me has been to see the militant comments of netizens, as if it is difficult for people to appreciate the war from the perspective of “ordinary people”. In this film, I deliberately avoided all signs of time, place and power, and tried to present the harm brought to ordinary people by the “war” itself in a broad sense, without borders or time limits. I hope that this will evoke the most human and ordinary feelings of our hearts.