Project Description

Length: 45mins*37

Director: 袁曉滿

Cast: 馬可、迪麗熱巴、劉潺、王洋


The Nanqing-based Flame Shield Security Company selected bodyguard from a group led by Guan Xiaodi, a young and beautiful girl. Finally, Guan Xiaodi, a kung-fu master, and Liang Dawei, a car master, et al., had passed the examination and assessment, and entered the training camp. Under the training of the drill sergeant, they had been reborn. Leaving the training camp, they set out on a new journey, starting their career as bodyguard. Meanwhile, love life ripped on, and the family history of Guan Xiaodi also was revealed. They accepted various tasks, fulfilled the tasks in the principle of “perfectionism and taking it through”, protected and assisted clients out of dangers one after another, and had their souls and spirits purified and grew up. Their story interpreted the responsibilities and dreams of the young generation born after 1990.