Project Description

SAN HUA: Rice Wine Under the Elephant’s Trunk

Length: 11mins11sec
Director: Cristian Lopez

The theme of our group is “Peach Blossom Mountain Moon Floating, Elephant Trunk Hill.” Elephant Trunk Hill because of its beautiful scenery for people well known, but hidden in one of the three flower wine cellar is not easy to show people. With the eyes of the Western world to explore the new mode of production under the three new wine.

Voice notes about Mr.Wang

Length: 10mins38sec
Director: Sebastian Cantillo

Lacquer in China with 7,000 years of history, together with the porcelain and silk Chinese three traditional hand crafts. The documentary’s main protagonist is Wang Boyang, use a voice notes to join foreign students ‘ perspectives about Wang Boyang and his team’s heritage story in lacquer.

The Last Small Village

Length: 11mins58sec
Director: Pavel Luiz Tavares de Carvalho

One day in the Xiao Zhai, living their work, rituals and intimate routine in the early spring of the rice terraces in Longji.


Length: 12mins

“Inside the remote mountains of Longji you can find a village called Ma Hai where an artist lives. Inspired by the rice terrace scenery he decided to devote his life to his passion for the crafts, especially in the wood carving creation.


Length: 10mins
Director: Ines Villanueva

This micro film records the wooden craft inheritance of Dong nationality. It has the beautiful scenery and the unique architecture. It recoders the Dong’s labour, celebrating, praying, and by Yang Siyu deepening the theme .

Guihai Words carved in stone

Length: 12mins23sec
Director: Ana Monserrat

The film attempts to show the profound of Chinese culture through the perspective of a young friends from Latin America cultural background.

The Boat, the Men and the River

Length: 11mins54sec
Director: Ely Chevillot

The story happened in the film in Old Street and the edge, Pingle County, Gui Lin City, Guangxi Province. The story is mainly about wood boat which marked the decline, and the craftsmen and boatmen make model boats in order to save the history and skills.

Forgotten bricks

Length: 8mins30sec
Director: Amir Masoud Soheili

Living in a Fan-tasy

Length: 9mins46sec
Director: Luis Alberto Calleja Herrera

The film shows the three steps in the journey of the craft as an object. As a unique piece, as a systematic production, and finally, again as a unique piece intervene by Guangxi local artists and calligraphers.