Project Description

Length: 11mins5secs

Director: Simon Pickles


Long ago, there were seven suns in the world. The heat of the suns caused the earth to crack, trees and crops to die and water to dry up. The people who lived under the baking heat of the suns could hardly live. Then, one day, a man named Houyi, armed with a bow and arrow, shot down the suns. From that day on, only one sun rose each morning at the cocks crow, and the people could live there lives happily. The Ge people are the descendants of Houyi and their lives, traditions and culture are dominated by the legend of the sun shooter. Forever follows the Ge people who live in Matang village in rural Guizhou Provence. From the joys and celebrations of birth to the intensity and emotion of loss, highs and lows, fears and dreams, there is a remarkable story behind every door in the village, an amazing life behind each face.
Forever explores the life of a little known minority culture in China, the Ge.