Project Description

Length: 91Mins

Director: 彭力

Cast: (奶瓶)拉布拉多犬、康潇诺、亓小飞、陈菲

Bottle (Nai-Ping) the puppy is raised by Hao-Hao, a six-year-old girl, since its birth. He accompanies Hao-Hao and spends delightful time with her together. Unfortunately, they have to be parted because of immigration of Hao-Hao’s family. Bottle is arranged to stay temporarily at Hao-Hao’s auntie’s home which is in another city before Hao-Hao can come back to pick him up. However, Bottle is not used to the new environment and tries to look for Hao-Hao. He sets out an unknown and arduous journey. When he finally arrives at their home, Bottle finds out the girl does not live there anymore. Where is Hao-Hao? Bottle has no idea. All that he can do is go around where Hao-Hao and him once have been. Will Bottle and the girl reunite at the end?