Project Description

Filial Piety and Mo’s family


Length: 0901

Director: Kakule Kyungulo Bienf

The director Kakule Kyungulo Bienfait from the Democratic Republic of Congo once heard that there was a legend in Fengkai, Zhaoqing called Mo Xuanqing who was the first “Number One Scholar”in Guangdong province. (N.O.S. is a title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination). In Mo’s, the filial piety is their family instruction. There is also a N.O.S. birthday ceremony each year for people with a surname of Mo. So what magic stories will them tell us? Follow the director, we will get the answer from one of Mo’s descendants.

刚果(金)青年Kakule Kyungulo Bienfait听说在肇庆市封开县有一位传奇人物——岭南第一状元莫宣卿,世代以孝悌作为家风代代相传,每年的状元诞更是全球莫氏族人共同的庆典。这位状元及其流传千年的家族背后有什么故事?他走进封开,和其中一位恪守孝道的莫氏后裔展开对谈,讲述一段富有温情的孝亲故事。