Project Description

Length 60 mins
Director 胡东阳、李特生
Fight The Epidemic is a grand narrative documentary about Hunan’s new crown pneumonia, and is a chronicle of Hunan’s epidemic. The film truly recorded the grand narrative of the Hunan community under the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee under Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and reissued the major public health emergencies that spread the fastest, the most widely spread and the most difficult to prevent and control since the founding of new China. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was used to exclude the ability to visit all parts of Hunan and Hubei, Wuhan and Huanggang. The special time for recording the hard epidemic was recorded in the first line of the epidemic. The documentary technique was used to sum up nearly 70 million of Hunan’s experience in fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in all walks of life. The touching details of the front-line anti epidemic personnel who are willing to sacrifice their lives and fight for the battlefield are reported to the times with plain language and real pictures. In the annals of mankind, if a similar disaster happens again, this film hopes to give precipitation and inspiration to later generations.