Project Description

Length: 85Mins

Director: 总导演 :黄宏; 导演:黄兆函 傅绍杰 张楠 李譞

Cast: 于洋 张勇手 管宗祥 刘江 牛犇 许还山 雷恪生、于蓝 秦怡 谢芳 田华 吕中 李明启 彭玉 郑毓芝 杨静、

The film is introduced: There are four young people, they recorded the real life of their grandparents on camera. In the creative process, they understand China’s current aging situation, there are too many old people unaccompanied. So, they decided to use what they had learned, making a movie called《 I’m by your side》. From a young person’s perspective, it tells ten stories about “respecting the old, loving the old, and happy the old.” Ten stories strung together into a 90-minute heartwarming film.