Project Description

Length: 16Mins

Director: 伍婷婷

Cast: 张润锋、梁月昕、刘恩心、陈秀权

Mother found out in the hospital that liver cancer is advanced, and her daughter is still young and ignorant, so the mother who dotes on her daughter becomes stepmother, forcing her daughter to learn to be independent. Daughters grow up very uncomfortable, contradictions continue to escalate, and daughters hate their mothers.Adult daughters, as bystanders, are anxious but powerless. Finally, before her mother’s death, the young daughter felt something.

Under the watchful eyes of the adult daughter, she ran home from the classroom, turned over to her mother’s hospital documents, ran to the hospital, rushed into her mother’s ward, and met her mother and daughter before her death. When her mother died, she seemed to see an adult daughter.