Project Description

Length 2M3S
Director 乐书婷
The short video of “Don’t panic, Wuhan, we are waiting for you!” premiered on February 3, the most difficult period in Wuhan. It uses concise narration and images to outline the contrast of life in Wuhan before and after the COVID-19. With the advent of the COVID-19, Wuhan has suffered a disaster and is also being reviewed. The prejudice and discrimination follow along. The creators hope to  pass our love and hope to the world by lens.”Love and hope are more infectious than the virus” touched the heartstrings of the public, “pause button” and “play button” become hot words in 2020. The short video has been broadcast over 2.17 billion times in the whole network. It has been translated into 12 languages by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and has been spread worldwide, covering more than 100 countries. It leads the healthy spirit, appeases public feelings and unites the common will.

《武汉莫慌 我们等你》首播于2月3日,武汉最困难时期。片中用简洁的旁白和画面,勾勒出新冠肺炎疫情前后武汉生活的反差。疫情来临,武汉遭受灾难,也在遭受“审视”,偏见和歧视如影随形,主创团队希望用自己的镜头发声,以此向全世界传递我们的爱和希望。片中的“爱和希望比病毒传播更快”触动心灵,“暂停键”及“播放键”成为国内外2020年度热词。这部短视频全网播放量超21.7亿次,被国家外文局译成12个语种,全球传播,覆盖100多个国家。它引领正气、安抚人心、凝聚众志。