Project Description

Length 5分50秒
Director 冯秋芳、史芸、杨震飞
During the Spring Festival, Li Jia, chief physician of the Rheumatism and Immunology Department of Renji Hospital, was inspired by the first batch of medical team members of Shanghai to aid Hubei, including her teacher Dr. Zha Qiongfang and medical staff across the country in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. She composed this song named “Courage” and invited a musician Yuan Qing to compose the song. Before she could record it, she embarked on the journey to fight against the epidemic as a member of the eighth batch of medical team in Shanghai to aid Hubei. Being informed of this, Shanghai Media Group and Renji Hospital jointly made the song into a music video, and invited Liao Changyong, renowned singer and President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music to sing it.
The intention of producing this music video is to help Li Jia fulfill her wish. The song expresses the determination of healthcare workers to unite as one and to support each other. It also conveys their work ethics to cherish life, save the dying and to contribute with no borders.