Project Description

Length: 125mins

Director: 徐程

Cast: 高曙光、金寶凜(韓國)、何政軍、郭鵬、劉名洋、馮婧、榮蓉、賀勳

Dali, is a breath taking place in Yunnan, China. When Elaine encounters an entrepreneur named Xia Qingyuan, who is at lowest point of his life, Elaine notices his actions. Wrapped in her own personal past experience of a morass life she is quick to notice Xia Qingyuan is in a doom and gloom situation. In an effort to help Xia Qingyuan rebuild his life and give him courage to recommence, Elaine offer her insight. One day without notice, Elaine walked out and disappeared without a trace. Will Xia Qingyuan uncover her secret. Finally, in Havana, Cuba, he found her soul where Hemingway lived.