Project Description

Length: 45mins*76

Director: 郭靖宇、柏杉、劉礴

Cast: 楊志剛、杜若溪、於毅、張少華、劉芊含、肖茵

Huo Xiaolin offended public security commander Zhao Jinhu and escaped from Xiyang. Zhao Jinhu and escaped from Xiyang. Zhao Jinhu dressed a bandit and killed the whole family of Huo Xiaolin. Huo Xiaolin apprenticed to learn martial and disguised arts and killed Zhao Jinhu with coordination of Miss Mei. Huo Xiaolin and Miss Mei were affectionate, but they could not escape together and were far apart geographically. Huo Xiaolin traveled around the county and became a member of sinister gang who could kill others at any time for survival. Miss Mei appeared and disappeared in his dream as unreal image, when Huo Xiaolin was in trouble, he could feel the existence of Miss Mei. When getting acquainted with communist Han Qinren, Huo Xiaolin understood that he was on wrong road and decided to go to his native place in Rehe with his whole family. In 1993, Rehe resistance exploded, Huo Xiaolin established Rehe army of volunteers, because he could not endure the trample in China from aggressors. The Japanese invaders dispatched Bio army from Tokyo to deal with Huo Xiaolin that they could not defeat. In oreder to let the world know that there were person who were resisting butcher’s knife, Huo Xiaolin decided to abandon his wife and sons and give his life to the country.