Project Description

Bound by Rice


Length: 0958

Director: Nikola Berzenji

In the age of industrial economy, there are still some craftsmen who are willing to carry on the craft of Guozheng. In this film, the director Nikola Berzenji will be getting close to Guozheng, taste the delicacy and also explore the culture behind the food.

工业发展的机器时代,仍有人愿意为传统的裹蒸的制作技艺,与那份独属家的温馨而执着坚守。本部纪录片中,导演Nikola Berzenji将从稻田中探寻裹蒸雏形,于市井内了解手艺现状,近距离感受裹蒸背后所承载的乡土人文风情。