Project Description

Director: Lu Ke Lu

Cast: Eddie Eskridge, Trestin George, Alejando Flore, Marianna Aroxa, Terrell Butler

Time: 27:30

Synopsis: Lee, as a talented popping dancer, wants to win the biggest battle competition in CA to get rid of the dangerous hood. After being established as a potential dancer by Hugh, an OG popping master, Lee grabs the opportunity to learn from Hugh. Lee starts to learn the aggressive tricks from the gang dancers when he is not satisfied with what Hugh teaches him. The more Lee learns, the more aggressive he becomes when Hugh tries to stop him from doing the dirty moves. When the conflicts come out with Lee’s crush and his best friend Boogie J, Lee fights back just as the way he dancer and hurts them a lot. The day of battle, Lee is death threatened by a gang dancer who is bullied by him in the battle. In the clash, Lee realizes he doesn’t getting out of the danger but bring it closer to him and the people around him. When all the people who cares about Lee decides to leave him, Lee tries to make it up through a dancer’s way, which is dancing, to show his attitude.