Project Description

A New Spring

Length: 10mins27sec
Director: Marleena Forward

Ninety-year-old Lan Tianye is an actor and director with the Beijing Peoples Art Theatre, having joined the company in 1952.In this short documentary, Lan Tianye gives a rare interview in which he looks back on these experiences, both on and off the stage. Incorporating observational footage and archival materials, A New Spring explores almost a century of extraordinary life. A life of drama, in more way than one.

Mother EVE

Length: 10mins52sec
Director: Vhari Lennox

Luxury fashion company, EVE, connects ancient culture with modern style. This film interweaves the stories of EVE Group founder and chairwoman, Xia Hua, and a Miao community craftswoman, fondly known as Pan Grandma, to explore their involvement in the EVE Group and the inheritance they received from their mothers and Chinese culture.

The Master

Length: 10mins38sec
Director: Mohammad ZARASHAN ARKI

The story is about Mrs. Yang, a Maohou (Hair Monkey) master, recalling her life with her late husband. The film starts with Mrs. Yang in the forest where she collects cicadas for her craft. Mrs. Yang tries to pass on her craft to her grandson by teaching him how to collect cicadas.

The circle of life

Length: 10mins21sec
Director: Ines Roulaud

The Days Pass Quietly

Length: 10mins33sec
Director: Gabriel Francis Hutchings

This is a documentary about the Chinese brush making process. Because of the existence of people, let the brush has spiritualism. Craftsmen, apprentices, people interested in calligraphy, these give the second life of a brush. As each picture unfolds, we see not only the process of an object which grow out of nothing, but also the spirit of the craftsman, which is a kind of persistence, a kind of inheritance.


Length: 9mins30sec
Director: Austin Lau

The film began from the production process of Angong Niuhuang Wan, interviewed a few decades of professional technicians and Tong Ren Tang Chinese medicine practitioners, and then gradually expand the field of vision, ask the relationship between Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture, with a small glimpse, and then Reflections on National Identity.

White Nights

Length: 10mins
Director: Frangipani Foulkes

We follow the two owners of a vintage photography studio, White Nights. More than just a studio, they talk through the challenges and rewards of using both traditional and modern techniques. Customers are transported back to ancient China when they participate in photoshoots. In a world of selfies and digital snapshots, is this a dying industry?

Dancing Dream Hall

Length: 10mins
Director: Richard Ducros

Doctors of Art

Length: 10mins37sec
Director: Casey Lapidus

This is the short documentary exposing the hidden craftsmen of Rongbao Zhai. These humble craftsmen use special art techniques to preserve and promote Chinese culture through the restoration or replication of ancient art.

Weaving Across Time

Length: 11mins35sec
Director: John Henry Gilmore

“Weaving Across Time” is a short documentary that follows two Archeologists from different generations. The story follows their archeological efforts while also showing the bond they have with each other. Filmed in Beijing on location at the Capital Museum and CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).