Project Description

Length: 101 mins
Director: 李三林
Cast: 刘思博 、程琤、图门、肖雨雨
Based on the true experiences of the three generations of saihanba plantation, forest protection and forest management, the film “in the Bloom of time” tells the story of the three generations of builders of saihanba forest farm in Hebei following the call of the party since the early 1960s, offer the youth offer the offspring, create the Human Miracle That The wilderness becomes the forest sea.                                                                                            电影《那时风华》以三代塞罕坝人造林、护林、营林的真实经历为创作依据,讲述了自上世纪六十年代初,河北塞罕坝林场三代建设者们听从党的召唤,献了青春献子孙,创造荒原变林海的人间奇迹。