Project Description

Length: 120M
Director: 臧溪川
Cast: 常凯宁、苏小玎
Chaozhou Public Security authority seized criminal suspect 1,071 on
2015/04/01, froze gamble capital CNY 3.3 billion, detained few of website
server equipment, the criminal syndicate has 125 lottery sub-companies, total
monthly investment is over CNY 0.4 billion. Club members lost CNY 9 billion
merely on December 2014. According to Ministry of Public Security report,
this case is the largest e-lottery gambling case since the establishment of
P.R.China, it has been the highest in terms of numbers of involved personnel
and gambling capital. This film reflects first-line public security officer’s
outstanding deeds and it builds the positive image for public security officer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         潮州公安在2015年4月1日,抓获犯罪嫌疑人1071名,冻结赌资3.3亿人民
币,扣押网站服务器等作案工具一大批, 犯罪集团有下层“时时彩”赌博
公司125个,月总投注额超4千亿人民币,仅2014年12月参 赌会员输掉90
亿元人民币, 根据公安部情况通报,该案为建国以为内地已侦破的最大网