Project Description

Length: 108 mins
Director: 李大涛
Cast: 王放、顾靖、张连志、唐夏娃
This film about a murder case happened in Tianjin during the period of the Republic of China era(1912-1949). Because of officials’ corruption and covering up the truth, and confuse right and wrong. The murderer is remained out of law’s reach,the grievances of the dead are not clear. After founding of the People’s Republic of China, the court reviewed the case again, and  the truth revealed. The murderer confessed his guilt and executed,justice  eventually overcome the evil.                                                                                                                             本片讲述了在民国时期发生在天津的一起案件,因官员的贪污腐败,掩盖真相导致案件黑白颠倒,凶手逍遥法外,亡者冤情始终没有昭雪。新中国成立后,人民法院重审此案才得以真相大白,凶手认罪伏法,正义终将战胜邪恶。