Project Description

Length: 95 mins
Director: 范小天、陈聚之
Cast: 郭俊辰、李凯馨、侯长荣、王梓豪、荣蓉、陈芊桦
The poor bow-legged boy Zuo Lin has a small dream, that he wants to ride a horse go across the bustling city… The story of Zuo Lin’s growing up from a sad rocking horse rider, to a happy zebra rider, to a pathetic iron hussar, then to a brilliant and happy paperhorse rider is wonderful, and the narrative in the film is great.
The rich kid Zheng wants to defeat Zuo Lin to win his friendship. Qing Qing wants to help her boyfriend trick Zuo Lin, but falls in love with him.                                                                                                              贫穷的罗圈腿少年左林有个小小梦想,骑着马在城市最繁华的地方走一下:忧伤的木马骑兵、快乐的斑马骑兵、凄凉悲怆的铁骑兵、灿烂千阳的纸骑兵……