Project Description

Length: 95mins

Director: 蘇磊

Cast: 阿布都許克·阿布都熱合曼、嚴曉頻、阿依古麗·阿不都拉、葉爾森·馬合沙提

Ayigul,a girl from a remote Xinjiang desert, no less than many other little friends of the same age of Xinjiang, came to study at Shanghai Runhe High school. Suffering from eye disease, Ayigul had to make more efforts and hard work than other students. And her class teacher Wen Hui also was exposed to enormous pressure, since this was the first time to organize inland-high-school classes for Xinjiang students in Runhe High school and she had no experience in the regard, it resulted in numerous difficulties. For year of life in the inland-high-school, teacher Wen Hui had forged a deep touching friendship with Ayigul and other students.