Project Description

A Journey to Rice


Length: 1239

Director: Mamelang 马乐闻

An international student who has spent four years studying in China starts her last journey to find out what rice, a food that she has eaten a lot here, means to Chinese people and herself, so that she can say a fond goodbye to China. Also, the trip reminds her of her grandmother who she loves so much.

即将回国的Mamelang怀着对家乡的思念和对中国人与米的关系的好奇来到了清远市连山县,并踏上了黑山梯田。漫步于潺潺流淌的山泉水,加入到辛苦细致的农活中,品尝乡村家常菜,聆听农民朴实热情的话语,Mamelang 惊叹于乡村生活简单却美丽。