Project Description

Length: 127Mis

Director: 李少红

Cast: 吴刚、黄觉、白百何、梁天、钱小豪、彭敬慈、魏璐

Macao, with its four hundred years of colonial history, is a dream city. Our heroin Mei Xiaoou lives in this dynamic city and met the three most important men in her life. The first man LV Jingtong, the father of her son. Mei used to think that their child could rescue their failing marriage, but she failed. The second man, the elegant Duan Kaiwen, who became a close partner in her life and business. But he never made her fell secure. The third man called Shi Qilan, the most incongruous artist to Mei’s world. In the end, Mei Xiaoou has gambled everything that she has on this romance, redemption of herself.