Project Description

Length 50M*8
Director 陈子隽、柯敏、刘稳、沈华、褚金萍、陈东、石岚
 The eight-episode television documentary 200 Years of Surgery, is the first documentary in China which sheds light on humankind’s resistance against diseases from the perspective of surgeons. It is striven to convey the historical development of science on humanitarian grounds. It has eight episodes with 50 minutes of each part which mainly concerns the following subjects, that is, the development of anatomy, anesthesia ,sterilization and hemostasis, the opening of abdomen, head and heart, transplant, cancer and the future of surgery,etc.It takes the crew three years to film these important medical museums, hospitals and medical institutions from Britain, America, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey,India etc. Meanwhile more than fifty top experts have been interviewed to present the development and future prospect of surgery.
八集电视纪录片《手术两百年》,是中国第一部以医生视角系统展现人类与疾病作斗争的作品,力求记录科技历史变化,展现人道主义光辉。全片一共分为八集,每集50分钟,内容集中体现:解剖学发展、麻醉消毒止血、打开腹部、攻入头颅、打开心脏、移植置换、癌症、手术未来。   剧组历时3年,前往英国、美国、德国、法国、意大利、匈牙利、土耳其、印度等国家,拍摄到重要的医学博物馆、医院和医疗研究机构,采访50多位国际顶级专家,以此呈现手术的发展历程和未来展望。