Project Description

Length 9M
Director 王天源
Cast 王天源、李康文
When the spring sun shines and the cherry blossoms bloom again, who would you think of? As for Yin, she would not hesitate to answer: Yang Guang(Same pronunciation as Sunshine in Chinese) He was a top student at the medical school; She’s the piano princess of the Conservatory. These unrelated two come to one because of their passion for piano. In the days of Yang Guang father’s death Yin just found he’s secret underneath his sunshine look.
当春日暖阳照耀大地,樱花再次绽放的时候,你会想起谁?对于音来说,她会毫不犹豫地回答:杨光。 他,医学院的优等生;她,音乐学院的钢琴公主。原本毫无关联的两人却因钢琴而相遇相识。在杨光父亲去世的那段日子里音才发觉原来他并不只是外表看起来那么阳光……