2016 CAFF Press Conference at Shanghai International Film Festival

Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) founding company EDI Media Inc. hosted its second Press Conference at Shanghai Crowne Plaza on June 13, 2016. CAFF Chairman & EDI Media CEO James Su, China Film Foundation Director Zhang Peimin, SARFT China Film Bureau Director Zhang Hongsen,  Shanghai Municipal People’s Judiciary Committee Deputy Director & Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation Chairman Chen Dong, Shanghai Film Group CEO Ren Zhonglun, China Film Co. LTD Manager Zhou Baolin, CCTV6 Movie Channel Program Director Cao Yin, China Film Co-Production Co. general manager Miao Xiaotian, head of China Film Promotion Gu Guoqing, Shanghai Culture, Radio, Film and Television Administration Director Wu Xiaoming, Shanghai Radio and Television secretary Teng Junjie, MPA Asia Pacific VP William Feng,   Universal Pictures China Region President Zhen Chaofan, renowned Actress & Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from last year’s CAFF Qin Yi, Bona Film CEO & Best Producer of 11th CAFF Yu Dong, Best Director of  11th CAFF Lu Chuan and many other VIPs attended and spoke during the Press Conference.

As one of SIFF’s official events, CAFF committee announced six highlights of the upcoming 2016 12th Annual CAFF.

1)  As the only film festival listed as U.S.-China High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange and Cultural Activities, CAFF was once again selected to be in this list in 2016.

2) China Micro-Film Association Committee officially joins the 12th CAFF and looks to jointly promote China-US micro-films to be more global.

3) 12th CAFF invites renowned Actress 94 year old Qin Yi to be Honorary Advisor.

4) Famous Chinese singer Tan Weiwei is invited to perform the theme song at the 12th CAFF in Hollywood, igniting the annual ceremony for China-US film maker.

5) CAFF Committee announces the “CAFF Club”, it is a membership only VIP experience to bring together China-US film makers and CAFF fans to create a better future for film industry.

6) CAFF launches its official Wechat Account

CAFF Club is founded by the Committee of 12th CAFF with a mission to unite all movie lovers. CAFF Club Members get to enjoy various activities including film screenings, a chance to meet and chat with Chinese American producers, directors, and actors to learn behind the stage filmmaking. Members are also invited to participate in many other events hosted by EDI Media, the founder or CAFF and many raffle opportunities including round-trip airfare tickets to China. For more details, please visit www.cafilmfestival.com.
During the Press Conference, CAFF committee announces that Chinese singer Tan Weiwei will perform the theme song at the Opening Ceremony of 12th CAFF, cheering for China-US film makers. CAFF presents the Certificate of Honorary Advisor to the renowned Actress 94 year old Qin Yi. 12th CAFF will be hosting dozens of large seminars, forum discussions, etc. and over 200 movie screenings. CAFF Welcome Dinner will be hosted on Oct 31, 2016, followed by the CAFF Film Summit, which is co-hosted by MPA, and Sino US coproduction night on Nov 1, 2016. On Nov 2, the Opening Ceremony and Golden Angel Award gala, a red carpet event, will be hosted in Hollywood. During the rest of month, CAFF will host a series of academic seminars in 20 different universities, creating platforms for China-US film makers.

Those of who made appearance during the Press Conference include:

Qiu Xin, Shanghai Newspaper Group Secretary
Chen Wenjia , Shanghai People’s Government Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director
Chen Qiwei , Shanghai Xinmin Evening News Editor in Chief
Hu Minghua, Shanghai Media Department of Cultural Reform and development Office Director Li Yong, Dragon TV Director
Chen Sijie , SMG Pictures CEO
Xu Jie , Shanghai East Movie Channel Director
Hu Xuehua, Shanghai Theater Academy of Film and Television Dean & famous director
Chen qian , Chinese Culture Promotion Society International Center Deputy
Ye Ning , Huayi Brothers Pictures CEO
Qin Hong , Jiaying Film Co. LTD CEO
Yang Wenhong, Xing Yang Media CEO
Huang Haichen, Xing Yang Media  EVP
Liu Xufeng , Yongxu Liangchen CEO
Zhang Lun , Yunnan Film Group CEO
Emily Wang , East West Bank Senior VP
Zhou Hong , Shanghai Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director
Peng Qizhi , Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film Deputy Director
Sun Jian, SARFT
Tong Ruixin Shanghai Film Group Head of the National Actors
Zhang Linshu , Star Media Group CEO
Duan Yingjiu , Beijing Jupiter Era Media Founder and CEO
Li Yueyue , Orange Fruit (Beijing) Television Culture Media GM
Jiang Haiyang , Famous Director
Famous actors Niu Ben, Zhou Xianxin, Ariel Aisin-Gioro, Liu Meilin, Hu Po, Liu Lei, Chen Yong, Chen Rong, Ou Liya, Ina, Pu Jinsheng, Ma Sise, Zhang Siying, Yu Yang, Jiang Chan, Zhu Hongjia, Fang Xingdan, Ma Lizi, Xu Wen, Zhu Xi, Song Bin, Yan Lin, Xiao Rongsheng, Wang Weiwei, Yu Hui
Famous host Gao Yuan

Chinese American Film Festival is recognized by both China’s SARFT and USA’s MPA, as well as Chinese Embassy in United States, President Bush and President Obama both signed Congratulation letters on behalf of the U.S. Government. CAFF is the first and only to be listed as a China-US film cultural events in the U.S. Congress report. CAFF also became the only China-US film festival recorded in the China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange and Cultural Activities, receiving the same honor again in 2016.

In the past 11 years, China Film Group, Shanghai Film Group, August First Film Studio, Central New Film Group, Changchun Film Group, Tianjin Film Group, Pearl River Film Group, Xiaoxiang Film Studio, Jiangxi Film Studio, Yunnan Film Group, Guangxi Film Group, Bona film Group, Huayi Brothers, Stellar Mega Films, Hairun Pictures, Le Vision Pictures, DMG, Sun Seven Star Entertainment, Dasheng international, Guosheng Studios as well as other film studios from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Guangdong and Shenzhen  gather in Hollywood every year to participate in CAFF, competing for the “Golden angel Award”. Meanwhile, MPA, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Sony, Paramount, DreamWorks and many other Hollywood studios and independent production companies get involved with CAFF. Since 2014, CAFF also presents the “Most Popular American Film” Award to these studios, under the support from China’s SARFT.

CAFF Committee established “China’s outstanding TV series Golden Angel Award” for China-US Television industry to provide a broad platform for exchange and cooperation. Hundreds of TV drama series are in this category each year. GETV films and broadcasts the entire Opening Ceremony to over 50 different countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.  The 12th Annual CAFF will unveil in Hollywood on Nov 2, 2016.

For Media Contact:

Wei Wei – weiwei@edimediainc.com