Retired college professor Chen Xiuzhen does not feel well. She sees the doctor and is mistakenly diagnosed with leukemia. When she loses her hope, she meets her roommate in the hospital, a young girl named Seven, who is also diagnosed with leukemia. Seven brings Chen hopes and happiness. Chen gains a lot during the several days she spends with Seven. They even develop a close relationship that overcomes the age gap. Gone through brave battles with the disease, Seven passes away.


Directed by Li Bin, features Naren Hua, He Zehan, Yan Ni, the film Seven is about help, respect, gratitude, self-esteem, and self-redemption. The film tries to show the positiveness and kindness of people. Care about others and be grateful for those who help. Also, the film focuses on leukemia patients and aim to raise awareness of the disease. Film as a medium, interacts with the audiences and encourages more of us to help leukemia patients like Seven. The film makers are also raising fund to support leukemia patients.


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