2018 Chinese American TV Festival Golden Angel Awards Ceremony ,hosted by EDI Media Inc,was held on October 29th at the Writers Guild of America Theater. The Chairman of CAFF and CATF and President of EDI Media Inc., James Su; the first Chinese American woman elected to the U.S. Congress, Judy Chu; Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles, Zhuang Zhizhe; Chairman of The China Television Drama Production Association, You Xiaogang; Vice chairman of The China TV Artists Association,Wang Lipingl; President of HaiRun Movies & TV Production Co.,Ltd. ,Liu Yanming and other distinguished guests attended the award ceremony.

James Su expressed that in the past 14 years, “We have built a beautiful platform together with the CAFF and CATF committee, which is to create not only a platform for communication and cooperation for Chinese and American filmmakers, but also a bridge for friendship and culture. Special thanks to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles, U.S. government officials, the Chinese and American film and television makers, and all of our sponsors and media friends.”

The first Chinese American woman elected to Congress in history, Judy Chu, said that she is an old friend of the CAFF and CATF and is honored to attend the Chinese American TV Festival. She expressed her surprise and gratitude for the exponential growth of the Chinese American Film Festival every year, which has grown from only a few film submissions to more than 500 film submissions and screenings from one city to over 10 cities. Representative Chu said, “In the past 14 years, we have all witnessed president Su’s efforts in the exchange of Chinese and American film and television” and concluded by wishing the CAFF and CATF success and presented a congratulatory letter to President Su.

Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles, Zhuang Zhizhe, attended on behalf of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles and he expressed his congratulations to the organizing committee as well as the award winners. Television is popular throughout the world and China and the U.S. both have large TV audiences that exceed the number of movie goers. Furthermore, television affects different aspects in people’s life. The U.S. has advanced experience in TV production and it’s worth learning from, whereas China has rich cultural resources, huge audiences and a great potential market. The television industry in China and the U.S. can complement each other’s strengths and produce more exciting TV series for audiences around the globe. CAFF and CATF have established a cooperative platform for the Chinese and American film and television industry and companies contributing to cultural exchange, communication and healthy development for both countries.

CAFF and CATF is an annual film and television event between China and the U.S. , which is significant for film and television artists in both countries. Art has no boundaries and people are connected through the heart. She wished the 14th CAFF&CATF a great success and continues to flourish and thrive.

Chairman of the China Television Drama Production Association, You Xiaogang, said that the China Television Drama Production Association, Capital Radio & TV Program Producers Association and China film and TV Producers Association all participated in the CAFF and CATF. Television audiences are a group of very enthusiastic people and although there are various changes in the world, the need for culture is unchangeable because it is the foundation of human existence. The CATF has built an excellent platform and he wished it will become better and better. He also hopes for both television makers from China and U.S can cooperate and communicate with each other and create more works for audiences around the globe.

The first Chinese American woman elected to Congress in history, Judy Chu, presented the Congratulatory letter to President Su, the chairman of CAFF.

CAFF and CATF is an annual Chinese American film and TV event, hosted by EDI Media Inc., supported by the State Film Bureau, State Administration of China National Press and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the U.S., Producers Guild of America (PGA), Writers Guild of America West (WGAW). CAFF and CATF is sponsored by China Film Co., China Film Overseas Promotion Company, Film Channel, China film and TV Producers Association, China TV drama production industry, Capital Radio and TV Program Production Association. Variety is the official media partner of CAFF and CATF.

Since the 9th Annual Chinese American Film Festival in 2013, the organizing committee included the “Golden Angel Award” for Best Chinese TV Drama in the awards ceremony. In 2017, with the approval of China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television, the “Golden Angel Award TV Series” was officially upgraded to the “Chinese American TV Festival”. CATF makes full use of its resources, advantages and international influence to provide a better display and exchange platform for outstanding Chinese work and talent. CATF plays an important role in promoting exchange and cooperation in the TV field between China and the United States to help promote the international distribution of China’s outstanding film and television culture. In 2018, famed and popular actors Jin Dong and Qin Lan won the Best Actor and Best Actress Golden Angel Award at the ceremony.

Additional Awards Included:
Best Actor in a Leading Role: Jin Dong, played the role of “Cheng Hao” in 《 MR.RIGHT》

Award presenters :Chairman of CAFF and the President of EDI Media Inc., Mr. James Su; Emmy Award Winning Actor, Nicolas Coster

Best Actress in a Leading Role:Qin Lan,played the role of “Queen Fucha” in 《 STORY IN YANXI PALACE》

Award presenters :Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles ,Zhuang Zhizhe ; Chairman of The China Television Drama Production Association, National A-list director, You Xiao gang; Vice President of Business Operations, Strategy, and Emerging Technology at DreamWorks Animation, Christina Lee Storm

Best Director: Director Of《HALF A LIFELONG ROMANCE》,Yang Yazhou

Award presenters:Co-Chair of Chinese American Film Festival 、President of Hong Kong Televisioners Association、renowned director ,Siu Ming Tsui; Variety Asia Bureau Chief, Patrick Frater

Best Screenwriter:Wang Liping,Vice chairman of The China TV Artists Association, National A-list scriptwriter

Award presenter: Professor at USC Film and TV at USC School of Cinematic Arts ,Jason E. Squire; Famous Hong Kong Director,Gao Zhiseng

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:Vivian Wu, played the role of “Yuanyuan Hu” in《ALWAYS WITH YOU 》

Award presenters:Kelsey Scott ,Actress in Oscar winning film 《12 Years a Slave》and Emmy nominated for her role in 《Fear the Walking Dead》、Michael Uslan, Producer of the Batman films

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:Lawrence Wong ,played the role of “Hailancha” in《 STORY IN YANXI PALACE》,Singapore Youth Actor

Award presenters:Famous Actress ,Chen Wei; Producer of Valentine’s Day Massacre, David Uslan

Outstanding U.S. TV Actor:Zach McGowan,Actor in The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Shameless and Black Sails

Award presenters:Famous Actress, Zhao Jing; Actress ,Xu Lu

Best New Director: Lin Yan, director of 《MY P.E. TEACHER》

Award presenters:Co-Chair of Chinese American Film Festival ,Christine Antonovich; co-composer of 《Animal World》,Michael Tuller; Founder of Jupiter Times Media ,Duan Yingjiu

Best Producer:Producer of 《PEACE HOTEL》, Liu Yanming

Award presenter:Vice-chairman of BEIJING WRITER’S ASSOCIATION, Renowned Scriptwriter, Mr. Jingzhi Zhou; Chair, International Committee, Producers Guild of America, Elizabeth Dell

Best TV Documentary: 《THE CRICKET》– Director , Yang Yi、《OCEAN IN YOUR EYES》–Representative of the production company, famous actor ,Zhang Guangbei 、《THE EXPLORATION TRIP TO SANSHA FOR GREEN SEA TURTLES》–Representative of the production company ,Xue Wei

Award presenters:Producer,Director and Writer –Chris Nebe; President of Beijing Asian Union Culture & Media Investment, Liu Xiaolin

Best Web Series:《BURNING ICE》, Chief Marketing Officer of iQIYI PICTURES, Wang Xiangjun、《SUDDENLY THIS SUMMER》,Beijing Perfect film and television Media company Executive producer, Li Zheng

Award presenters:Co- Composer on《 Animal World 》 and a BAFTA nominated film, television and video game composer whose work includes the massively popular game franchises World of Warcraft and Overwatch


Producer of《 PEACE HOTEL》, President of Hairun Movies & TV Production Co.,Ltd, Liu Yanming; Representative of Mango Studios,Weimin Wu; Vice-general manager of Yida Media,Hun Cheng

Award presenters:CMO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment ,Bob Sabouni; Chair, International Committee, Producers Guild of America , Elizabeth Dell

《NEXT TIME,TOGETHER FOREVER》,Representative of the production company –Wang Hui、《HALF A LIFELONG ROMANCE》, Producer– Miao Meng、《KEEPER》, Representative of the production company — Wu Xuesong、《THE PATRIOT》,Shenzhen Zhonghui Film and television Culture–Wu Xiaoyan

Award presenters:Star of Tyler Perry’s hit television show ‘IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG’, Aiden Turner; Actor, musician and talk show host for Emmy Award winning show The Soup, Hal Sparks

《THE LOVE OF COURTYARD》, Representative of the production company ,Vice general manager of Beijing media, famous actor Zhang Guangbei、《THE WAY WE WERE》,Representative of the Production company,Mimi Zhang、《STORY IN YANXI PALACE》, Chief Marketing Officer of iQIYI PICTURES,Vivian Wang

Award presenters:Vice President of Corporate Communications at Warner Bros. China,Claudia Sun; Award winning composer, has worked on projects like, ‘The Way Of The Gun’, “Jack Reacher”, and “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”

Joe Kraemer; EMMY® award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition and a Primetime EMMY award nomination for his work on the Disney Junior series SOFIA THE FIRST Kevin Kliesch

Award presenters:CEO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment / CEO of Camsing Global Entertainment, North America Shane Duffy; Governor of the TV Academy Emmy’s Music, Eight-time ASCAP Award winning Composer, Michael Levine

Chinese Cultural Communication Award(Culture):《THE MASTERPIECE》,Representative of the production company ,Jiantao Hong、《One Hundred Years of Shanghai Architecture》, Deputy Manager of Shanghai Dongying media co., Lin Jia

Award presenters:Wrote additional music on Mission: Impossible – Fallout and on The Crown. Also served as score producer for The Lego Batman Movie and Pacific Rim: Uprising,Max Aruj; CAFF member and Hollywood Producer,Lianne Hu; CAFF Committee member and Film director ,Frank Lin

Awards Ceremony was co-hosted by Emily Wang, Senior Vice President of East West Bank and U.S. lawyer Michael Zhang

2018 14th CAFF and CATF would like to express their sincere appreciation towards the honorary sponsors; East West Bank, Official Airline Air China, official designated shopping center South Coast Plaza and give a special thanks to sponsors CHONG HING JEWELERS, Oceana Blue, West Coast Holidays, New Life Wellness, Kam Yan Jan, Advanced Aesthetics Center, Blue Travel and Our Secret Place.

The 2018 CAFF & CATF will held from October 27th to November 30th, with main events such as: The CATF and CAFF Co-Production Film and television Summit, Golden Angel Awards Ceremonies, Chinese American Film and TV Showcase, film-related events, seminars and over 200 screenings in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco and across major cities nationwide in the U.S. This year our film festival cooperated with Mobile Theater to provide a broader platform for the cooperation between the Chinese and U.S. film and television industry. Each year, more than 300 Chinese-American film and TV companies cooperate on CAFF’s platform and more than 500 outstanding Chinese and American films are showcased and screened. The number of screening audiences exceeds 1.2 million.

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, including the 60th anniversary of the beginning of Chinese TV dramas. The 14th CAFF and CATF organizing committee set up a special unit “A Wonderful 40 Years” and a special award, the “Chinese Cultural Communication Award”, to encourage the participation of film and television works of various subjects. These works also have the opportunity to be broadcast on the “A Wonderful 40 Years” special series on iCitiTV, allowing for more American audiences to experience the essence of Chinese film and television from the past 40 years, thus promoting the Chinese culture.