《Wolf Warrior 2》

《The Summer is Gone》

《The Founding of An Army》

《Kung Fu Yoga》

《The Taste of Apple》

《The Great Wall》

《Battle of Xiangjiang River》


《Crested Ibis》

《Once Upon a Time》


Outstanding Achievement Award

Xi Meijuan

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Lin Yongjian 《The Taste of Apple》

Best Actress in a Leading Role


Athena Zhu 《Once Again》

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Wu Gang 《Wolf Warrior 2》

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Sun Qian 《Doctor’ Mind》

Best Director

Stanley Tong 《Kung Fu Yoga》

Best Picture

《Wolf Warrior 2》

Golden Angel Awards Film-The Opening Film

《Our Time Will Come》

Best Film Documentary

《Born in China》

Best International Co-Production Film

《Interlude in Prague》

Most Popular US Film in China

《The Fate of the Furious 8》《Transformers 5: The Last Knight》

《Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales》

《Kong: Skull Island》《xXx: Return of Xander Cage》

Best Co-Production Film

《The Foreigner》

Most Popular US Director in China

Martin Campbell 《The Foreigner》

Most Popular US Actor in China

Chadwick Boseman 《Black Panther》

Most Talented Actress

Zhao Dan 《The Blossom》

Most Popular Actor


Godfrey Gao 《The Jade Pendant》

Best New Director

Yuan Weidong 《Father and Son》

Zheng Zhen 《A Story of Love》

Best New Producer

Tong Manwei 《Seventy Seven Days》

Best New Actor

Nathaniel Christian 《A Preacher’s Long March》

Best New Actress

Sui Yuan & Li Muzi 《Doctor’s Mind》

Breakthrough Performance Actor

Sun Weimin

Best Chinese Opera Feature

《Xie Yao Huan》

Best Film Score

Ju Wenpei 《Battle of Xiangjiang River》

Best Social Contribution Film

《The Blood Hound》

Best Human Inspiration Film

《Love Pascal》

Best Children’s Film

《Journey to the Snowing Mountains》

Best Independent Production Film

《The Jade Pendant》

Best Short Film

《Swimming in the Desert》《Monday》《Time Passed like Flowing Water》

《The Heart’s Journey》《Ten Thousand Miles》《Thank You London》

Best Short Film Series Award

《Looking China》